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Deathwood New Single

Deathwood (Live in Studio) Hi There! Deathwood New Single “Runaround Sue“ is coming! I Ragazzi si sono divertiti a “Coverizzare” in chiave Horror/Punk il singolo Runaround Sue di Dion and the Belmonts uscito nell’ottobre del 1961. ‪Presa diretta in studio‬, attitudine Old Style‬, ‎FotoBomba‬! Recording(Live in Studio)/Editing/Mix/Mastering Read more

Christine Plays Viola

CHRISTINE PLAYS VIOLA Hi There! Are working on the Second Studio Album. August 1 CPV enter at Acme Rec Studio for the new record. After producing together the First Full Length for the German Label AF Music, the guys will be back in the studio for the New Record. Recording session will start on August 2013.  Stay tunes!!! OFFICIAL WEB SITE LABEL Read more

BRVMAK • Enter Studio in late August

BRVMAK Are working on Six Song for the upcoming Concept-EP After producing the first Demo together, the guys will be back in the studio for the new Record. Once again the mighty BRVMAK will be return to Acme Rec Studio to record Six Track for their forthcoming EP which is going to be released later this year. Recording session will start August 19th. Stay tunes Read more


DRAUGR Recorded and mixed by Davide Rosati in 2011 at the ACME Recording Studio in Italy, and mastered by Mika Jussila at the Finnvox Studios in Finland,the album “De Ferro Italico” recounts the deeds of a group of warriors whose devotion to the archaic traditions of the Italic cults of their ancestors put them in direct conflict with Rome and Emperor Theodosius’ decree, which, in 392 AD,  led to the persecutions of all Pagan cults and paved the way for the rise ... Read more