Acme works with DEMO, PROMO and PRODUCTION KIT [Read More]


Today’s budgets for album productions are very limited, but there are ways to fight the crisis! Send us an email, we will give you a hand to fix your budget and find the best solution to make your album!


We offer InBox Mixing via Pro Tools HD , as well as analog recording through Pre-Amp and Tube Compressor  for fast, easy digital editing in Pro Tools. Independent Artists and Musicians are very important to us, which is why we always go the extra mile to make the most out of any budget, achieving the exact sound desired to help take a music career to the next level!  Tell us about your project today.


We offer analog or digital mastering. After the final mix is mastered, it will not only sound great in the studio, but in everyday listening environments.

>Session Musicians

If you need a guitarist, drummer, bassist, etc, to play on your project, we have many talented session musicians to help make it happen. We’ll help you to get the sound you need for your music at a suitable rate.

>Studio Rental

We welcome professional engineers, producers and artists to rent out the studio for their next project. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the studio to facilitate your project in any way. We can also offer you a Pre-Production Service, Rent a Studio for your needs.

>We also offer online services:

• Re-Amp (for guitar an bass)
• Editing and Re-Drum
• Mix and Mastering On-Line •

Send us your Home Studio project and we will do our best

>We accept individual files with zero-start.

Label the tracks short and easy :

  • Kick, Snare up, Snare down, Tom1, Tom2, Tom3, HH, OhL, OhR, Room, Bass di, Bass amp, Gtr 1 L, Gtr 1 R, Gtr 2 L, Gtr 2 R, Vox Lead, Vox Over, Backing 1, Backing 2, etc – etc

If you have  MIDI tracks, virtual instrument etc, please record this to a new track. Please send audio tracks only.

How to export Pro Tools session data

We also accept Pro Tools Session, please find out how You can send us a hard drive, or simply uploading the files to our Drop-Box servers.