Obscura Nox Hibernis

Obscura Nox Hibernis “Misantropia E Guerra” Album Reissue

Earth And Sky Productions is proud to announce the release of “Misantropia E Guerra” previously unreleased Occult Pagan Black Metal album by Italian Undergound band Obscura Nox Hibernis from Abruzzo!



I Made this Abum in 2004.
Rec / Mix / Mastering at@acmerecordingstudio
The album will be available on Straming through band’s and Label’s bandcamp page and on Professional CD

Thanks a lot for the great collaboration to make it possible, in particular to Davide Rosati, Alexandru Bop, John Wolf Smith, Klaus Woyzeck, Matteo Viglietti.

Marco Köstli: this album is dedicated to you!